Growing Medical Cannabis in California – Documentary

In this video I document a complete indoor cannabis grow , from seed to weed. I explain grow room lighting, grow room setup, germination, plant training …


  1. Thank you sir for all the videos you make, i tried to try your method, with lst, it never seems to work, like i have 600w HPS, and i need 4 plants to get the same result you do with 1 plant…why how many gallons is your pot? like i use 4 5 gallon pots to get your results

  2. I know this is am old video but i hope they gifted those lights to you. Those lights are extremely over priced for what they are. Yea they will work but that doesnt mean they should be crazily over priced. I cant believe they charge as much as they do and then recommend clip fans be added on top without including the little fan. The cost of this light should include the little fans, timers and hygrometers and it still shouldn't cost what it costs. Over a dollar per watt is absurd.

  3. THIS IS YOUR BEST VIDEO, the quality of explination is perfect, and you only grew one seed, while your other video are not easy as this one for begginers, and on top of that this is the best video i've seen about growing, very simple to understand

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