(Intended for the 18 & over) A beginner’s guide for growing weed easily…. In a closet. Organic gardening. LINKS & COUPONS BELOW Want to help support this …


  1. Hi Mr Canucks Grow i just became a Subscriber. I got a question. What you think of homemade LED lights for a indoor grow on a budget like a 120 watt power consumption. I live in the UK so I am getting ready for a guerilla grow this year.

  2. Love the vidz little bro keep up the great work ,much respect mon,li have a question which strain has the highest THC content,? And can you make a vid on organic growing if you can find the time no rush and thank you for all your time and hard work

  3. Been thinking about transitioning to the Gaia organic dry amendments, so I can just water… been using coco but also using organic liquid nutrients with nectar one shot being amended in..

  4. Growing v ganic will give you pharmaceutical lab tested clean. There are many ways to go organic also with clean pharmaceutical grade basically not using bat n bird guano or manure or any animal poop

  5. Hey bro I see you run the amendments on coco and you get great yields. Bat guano will give yields but it's not the cleanest. I'm telling you man Kyle kush man v ganic feeding method on coco is the best . You just have the feed recipe you don't have to buy the vega matrix.

  6. Dude you're really on top of your game now. The grows have always been mind blowing but the EDITING!!! And I'm so happy to see you packed more of your personality in the vid

  7. Watching this got me sooo excited to get my ES’s!!!! I ordered 2- 180v3 and 2-300v3… should hopefully be any day now that they get shipped 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 great video!

  8. I love your channel brotha. I'm earning so much. Im in the US… is there an equivalent to Gaia Green that is produced in the US you are aware of? Shipping costs are super expensive to have it shipped to me…even on Amazon.

  9. Guys I need y’all’s help, which size grow tent will I need for 6-7 plants. I want to get a 5x5x6.5 ft but am concerned it will be too crowded. The bigger option is a 4x8x6.5 ft. Thoughts?

  10. Did u mix the the dry amendments differently for the seedlings starting out in smaller cups, then make a whole new mix for the bigger pots?
    Im wondering if i have to use different amounts of amendments dependin on the container OR can i just make a whole mix with the amount of amendments i plan to use for a 3 gallon pot?
    Im a new grower and wanna start my first grow

  11. My guy so hungry for the lifestyle his body trying to eat his own drip🤣 🤣 make sure you eating them carbs so your body don’t start eating your clothes bruh 🤣…. all jokes aside looking fit and good my brotha 👍 and always love the content🔥 keep it up homie 💯

  12. Hi man very good videos I watched allot. And I have couple questions. First of all what’s the difference between LED and HPS? I mean what benefits the led gives you? And I saw you using “sand nutrients” and I don’t know how to call it. In my country we don’t have this. I use bottled nutrients, what company do you recommend? I guess you worked with a few company’s. I got so much more questions cause I’m a beginner and it’s my first grow but I don’t want to bother you too much. Please answer it will help me allot. Thanks

  13. I have a question for you ..or anyone out there with your coco coir and giai green mix. Do you check your ph run off to see if your where you need to be since your using nutrients in the coco. Or is it ph balanced to stay in the 6.0 to 6.8 range. I'm going to use coco coir this round and it says to run ph between 5.3 to 6.1 is that correct. Because I like how your doing your grow so I need more info so I don't screw up..


  14. One of your better videos I've seen. In your defense, I did just stumble upon this channel about 2 weeks ago (give or take)… so I have to watch more content to really be able to critique though. Anyway, great video man. Very clear and informative. I really appreciate your knowledge. Happy 4:20…no $4!+… it's 4:20 p.m central time right now. ✌

  15. Do not de root you medium, your throwing away millions of vital organisms and the new plants will use the new root system as they break down, it takes about 3-4 months for the old root balls to decompose completely and will provide a vital nutrition boos to the current growing round. Organvoe living soil growers do not remove root balls especially in large living soil beds

  16. Maybe try layin it on its side on the floor on some plastic and apply pressure as u roll it back and forth and maybe thatll break the medium loose from the roots. Worth a try right?

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