Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use on Mental Health Video 02

Harmful Effects of Marijuana Use on Mental Health Video 02. ONDCP Press Conference: Marijuana and Your Teen’s Mental Health. When: 5/3/2005. Sponsor: …


  1. It's not that hard to quit, as long as you're covering your bases and eliminating the possibility of suffering from withdrawal and cravings. There's a curious method in Nemery Thentel's website to quit within a week or so, that takes care of that, and really makes you feel like your true self. Maybe google it to see what I mean.

  2. I got a message from a pothead earlier today saying that I'm stupid to believe pot is bad for you when the fact is pot IS bad for you and i have the proof to back it up but i quickly realized that he was a pothead and lets face it no matter what you say to an addict they never listen but I'm really glad to see that some people realize that pot is bad for you remember kids drugs are bad and thank all of you who made my day by showing me there are smart people that understand how bad it is

  3. Kids should not be using cannabis because their brains are still developing. Drug dealers do not card your kids. Think about a liquor store; they require identification in order to obtain their product. And, selling or buying for minors is a crime. It would be much harder for your children to get a hold of this plant if it were legal. Think about it dears.

  4. I think that people who think that pot is….A good, safe, Reliable, non addictive drug, Need to get slapped in the face. Ive seen 100's Of smart, Good, well minded kids, get FUCKED because Of just pot. I've known kids that have smoked the shit since they were 6. Its a stupid drug that has no possitive purpose but to give people with no lives something to do..

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