Harvested marijuana Drying Cannabis

the long road is almost to an end in creating a quality medicine feal free to comment thanks everyone ya dig.


  1. Multipurpose remedy for countless ailments. Thanks for stepping up to grow for the medical MJ community as well as the occasional toker. Greetings from NorCal the land of J1 lol

  2. The yeild was E-nough… lol unfortunatly it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to weigh it all im guessing 200lbs of guud trimmed herb tho took allyear to trim so…

  3. You might want to hire some MEXICAN workers to help with that shit lol, damn thats alot of work to do, i did one plant not too long ago and my hand was sore because of the scissors getting so sticky and being hard to work.

  4. Right. There will always be people who don't respect other's property, shame. Anyway, thanks for responding and I was planning on pulling out the girls on Oct. 15th as this is my girlfriend's and my 21st anniversary. We were planning a day at the clippers and setting up my drying line. But, as I have mentioned, I have to be on the look-out constantly even though it would be hard to get OUT of my yard once in. You would have to see it to understand. Thanks for helping out a 54yr.old Cannabis Lvr.

  5. ya there are assholes trying to steal peoples crops already i knot it sucks ass but there will always be theives, i wouldent pull for another 4 weeks harvest this year in my opinion will be beggining of october thru the middle of it

  6. I climbed up on this wall and put all sorts of barbed-wire and other obsticals to warn me of impending doom. I did a pretty good job but, if someone is determined enough, they WILL take it. So, here I am, very happy to see my babies go from tiny indoor babies to HUGE outdoor monsters I have had to bend because they were showing over my fence. My wife and I have set-up a system where one of us will always be home. Anyway, about when should I pull them? Thanks!

  7. Actually Bro, I live 40 miles NORTH of El Paso, Texas. And I do agree with you as far as it being too early for harvest. I DO live in a Med-.Mari. State and I have my cards to not only consume but, grow. Yes, here in the Land of the Free, I had to spend an ADDITIONAL 100 bucks to grow. Now, after all I have put in my babies- time, money, etc. I have to worry about "Ninga Harvesters". as they only come out at night. Already, we have heard voices over our wall, "Seesh" to our neighbor's dog at 2am

  8. Wow. This is pretty impressive. I am just about ready to harvest mine. I was hoping this vid. was a little more recent but, as long as I do my harvest right, I should be O.K. I have some great plants and are about ready for their life to end and give me the climax of my whole Cannabis experience for this year.

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