Harvesting 10,000 lbs. of Cannabis at C4 Farm

In this episode we will be harvesting sun grown marijuana with C4 Farm a tier 3 I-502 grow operation, as they hurry to buck, and wet trim 10000 pounds of …


  1. How would I be able to talk with you without everybody seeing my message I have some things I do I keep as a secret from others so I don't give away my techniques and was wondering if I could share with you and ask you for a few tips on what is a better method or if it's something that maybe can help you and your yeild

  2. Wet trim for extractors but what bout saving the terps n smell nbthe flower i would love some great outdoor high grade i havent had anything good out door ever

  3. Anyone with grnuine advanced knoledge on cannabis genetics advice me on strains that are ables to withstand very hot datime temps and low humidity somethibg that was bred in texas perhaps????

  4. Excuse me did you just say "there's more mold in there"???

    These growers are fucking dirtballs. Cutting out the molded bud and leaving all the rest of the nasty tainted bud. Scumbags are only concerned with profit.

  5. anyone notice at 3.11 that big ass dead plant on the right proper brown and mouldy yuk nasty, I should imagine a lot of this is mouldy tbh how cramed in it is

  6. god I would love to work up there, looking at that area there working in is my kinda enviorment, this desert where I live in…….not cutting it for me, lemme know if you have any trim jobs open up there

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