Harvesting Bruce Banner Mother Cannabis Plant ✂️

This mother plant is over one year old! I started it last fall in Oct of 2019 and kept it alive in veg as a mum. Bruce Banner Cannabis Plant 29% THC. “Bruce …


  1. Absolutely beautiful, im in the process of finalising my first big project here in Australia, it has taken 8 years to produce my base plant. I have a video coming out soon showing my whole line rite back to before it was a IBL. Selfed, then crossed with brother 6x the last cross was to sort out hermaphrodite tendency. My last job is to self it 1 more time. Then seek out a suitable new line to cross it with, id prefer another IBL for this.

  2. Nice bro been following over the last month of you harvesting everyday lol , I've done one indoors under 300 w led and 1 outdoors both critical 2.0 happy growing bro …I think you have enough to last you till next year 😂

  3. Great video man,watching it while I trim San Fran valley of kush.I am curious about a mother plant that old.Last spring I had a couple mothers When They went outside they went into budding then re/vegging.So wondering how to avoid that.

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