Plants are coming right along! I talk about harvesting half of a cannabis plant / partial harvest and why I do it. I also of course show all the other plants as well.


  1. Pretty embarrassing… I just counted 14 colas with pet hair on them! πŸ™ … LOL! I've got to do a better job guarding my cats from entering my grow room. Who else battles with pet hair on their plants?

  2. I also harves a little early but I’m right on the line of 70% cloudy with amber barely starting to show .. another big reason I may harvest early is when the Calix ( spelling ) are swollen another great indicator when they are done , I will sacrifice weight for quality

  3. Feeding nutrients episode?? Where’s that at my man? Btw, new to the growmie community and just started my first grow. You’ve been a huge help so let me thank you personally!!!

  4. This is my first time growing and so it took me a while to realize the effect of my backyard light on my plant in the night but I noticed soon enough that the sides exposed to light were flowering way sooner then the other parts and I’m already late in the season so I’ll have to see how it turns out but I’m definitely gonna have to partially harvest. Do you think it’ll come out okay?

  5. the video's with too much unrelated content. please keep it short. and dont digress off the subject. a 20 second info is stretched over 5 minute time waste. and if it wasn't for my patience I'd give it thumb down for too much unrelated info… (eg. I'm not here to look at your plants with amateur dubstep music) until closer to the end (when a viewer would leave for not getting info that title suggests) you actually spoke about harvesting part of the plant…

  6. The half of my plant, looks ready to harvest whilst the other half is still with clear tricomes. What if I harvest only the parts that are ready… Is it ok to let the rest of them keep growing, or will the plant die?

  7. I grow in coco and do water every other day opposite of nutes( same way you described soil) and have never had an issue myself. Hoping it stays that way lol. Looking great tho man , love the content πŸ‘Œ

  8. I would love to get in the business……if the UK ever legalized production i`d quit my shitty make the boss richer job. Growing illegally is a bitch especially if some F nugget finds your patch and cuts it down before it`s ready. I have thought of moving out of this place but i`d miss my family. Great info and the idea to chop tips off and leave the lower colas to finish flowing is the better way to complete a grow. I would also like to invest as i think i could have an early retirement and have more market research to do

  9. I loved the video, you had some beautiful plants!
    I'd love to grow just one plant in the future, could you recommend an autofem good strain that will grow to be a BIG plant please!?
    Thank you, I'll subscribe too.

  10. Yes, definitely want to see an episode on nutrient feeding. Been having trouble with nute deficiency and came to find out that my ph meter was out of whack. Hopefully the now correct ph in feedings and waterings fixes the issue but I will have to wait and see.

  11. Hey man. Love your informative videos. I was wondering. I'm having trouble keeping my tent at a good relative humidity for flowering and I noticed you have a humidifier in you grow area, do you run it continually or I see you running the timer? Do you mind giving me some insight on your humidifier set up? Thanks man.

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