Harvesting My Indoor Autoflower Grow + Testing THC

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  1. I've been watching your videos an they've helped alot man so I've been thinking about this whole block chain thing an it came to me I wouldn't know how to but I truly think it's a great idea thanks man

  2. I can't help it by saying this dude you should connect with good guys like you an create a cryptocurrency for growers an those that participate in canibus . I mean as a whole we should come together. Something to think about?

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  4. I feel u woulda got much better results with 2 lumatek zeus 600s bro no? Im using 2 of them and 2 spider farmer sf4000s pulling over 1k per lumatek 600 just abput the 1k mark on the sf4000s 9 nothern lights queenseed autos under each one

  5. People talk sooooo much shit about autos, but honestly it's come such a long way since the original Lowryder plant, and in such a short time as well. They're essentially the same as most photos, and in some cases better. But that also depends on the grower themselves.

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