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  1. So you know gender with Marrijiuana is vague and almost every plant has a changing gender … Most natural organic ones anyhow . the combo of those although takes longer has a "higher" life cycle peak . also , cycling through generations of the crop makes it far stronger (not NECISARILY poTanT depending on nutrients) but that show you get the most durable plants . use seeds from the old plants to grow new ones . after 3 to 4 generations you can grow out nearly Every RNA defect in the strain . sun lamps are far better than grow lights because the lights wave length is more natural , and as for the potting system daisy chain a water pump to feed the top of the soil and collect the access water at the bottom and send it to the next plant of the same species . if you go to the point of using a companion crop (absolutely necessary) grow Carolina reapers or trinidad scorpions . they sell these grow cans for them that you just have to open , water and put in soil after they germinate . the capsecan in the peppers are a natural antibiotic and protect them no from bacteria AND mold . just don't put them in the same soil because in reality they may kill the other plant . they use more nutrition the erb and will suck the soul dry . burn sage in the surrounding rooms to .

  2. Good day Mat, please advise why the plant needs 2 days of darkness, do i stop watering them also during these 2 days ? also how much grams did you get per pot? Thanking you in advance

  3. Beautiful!

    My mind immediately went to an old trick I learned long ago.. works amazingly well..

    Get a shoe box. Put your sugar leaf in it.. keep open until dried. Pack a good amount in each box full.. hold tightly closed and shake..

    You'll end up with at least 5gs of legit keef

  4. idk how i managed, but i grew something almost exactly like this on accident in my front yard
    i was bringing my dogs food on the porch and smoking a ciggie and i look down off of the front of the porch over the rail and i see this huge plant, no buds tho, so i dug it up and moved it to the back and it got massive. greatest weed ive ever smoked by far. im sure it was something old like purple punch or something like that, cause my grandpa had old seeds he was showing off and i think he spilled a few

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