Hemp or marijuana? How a new Texas law changed everything.

Hemp is booming in Texas. Distinguishing it from marijuana is still a challenge. The Texas Tribune dug into hemp and marijuana with lawmakers, crime lab …


  1. horticultural experts know there is zero difference between hemp and cannabis. Literally exactly the same plant period case and point.

    My uncle died from alcoholism meanwhile people are seizing up everyday in alcohol detox and nobody batts an eye. (Weed fixes this btw)

  2. Seriously though we're currently in debt, we're changing presidents and going through COVID and we're wasting money on Lab test to put people in jail for owning a little flower thats legal in many other states already…. Sounds pretty ridiculous.

  3. Pussy weed.
    All thanks to our pussy whipped governor "cripple" abbott😠
    And you f**** made it happen!!!!!!

    Instead of holding your little convention VOTE abbott OUT of texASS!


  4. And yet its still funny as shit that alcoholism is now a recognised disease….it kills more people through the addicted user yet you don't see no sorry ass politician making it a war on drugs. How many people have been killed by a marijuana smoker? How many people have died from marijuana use? Politicians have their ass on backwards.

  5. The farm bill specifically states that the Delta 9 THC has to be lower than 0.3% which is the only relevant form of THC pertaining to the law. The less psycho active forms of THC such as Delta 8, 10, 11 or thca can be higher than 0.3 and still be hemp.

  6. How about make marijuana legal in Texas and gain billions in taxes and less people in jail. How about helping people instead of making it difficult and useless.. how about stopping dugs by borders.."oh because Texas makes money off that too" you would have more money for the state if you legalized it.. just stupid.

    Do you know more people die and are poisoned by cashew nuts than marijuana. Yes, it's poisonous untill you processed it. More people die of alcohol related deaths than marijuana or hemp alone x2,000.. Texas you need to wake up. Hemp farms would bring billions to the state. Making clothes, bottles, biodegradable anything!!!

    I want to move back to Colorado!!!

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