Hempvana Pain Cream – Is it a miracle!?

The As Seen on TV Hempvana cream is supposed to be an all natural pain reliever. When something sounds too good to be true it usually is especially when it’s …


  1. I actually found their CBD foaming mousse to really work. It has a different smell, and a little bit of an icy hot effect…i put it on my split AC shoulder joint and it does help my muscles to relax so i can sleep at night. The one you bought I have tried the trial size it seems to work, but when i use the big one it doesnt work at all. Im just confused lol

  2. I can't believe anybody would be stupid enough to buy this crap. For stsrters look at the name HEMPvana. It gets it's name because it's made from hemp which is pot. So they're trying to turn us into potheads just using a different method of absorbing it through the skin on the pretense that it's medicine. Instead of smoking it.

  3. It has Hemp seed oil which has no CBD. If there is any FDA approved pain reliever it is a added chemical. Nothing organic here. THC is a anti inflamatory. In Colorado my stores hemp cream is Coconut oil and THC MARIJUANA. CBD hemp is marijuana in Colorado and sold in medical marijuana stores.

  4. I've used this cream as well, and it does work. I think like with anything different things effect people differently, so consumers should make their own decisions, and not base this on others experience.

  5. Rip off scam alert the 10% active ingredient trolamine is the only thing giving you relief they're just trying to cash in on the CBD craze which really works and here's the worst part you can buy the trophyline name brand or store brand for less than $5 at your pharmacist or supermarket

  6. I'm telling you All right now. I am a chemist. CBD does absolutely nothing For pain, depression, or anything at all. Hempvana does nothing for pain, depression or anything medical or physical. Mentally, yes. If you think it's going to help you & cure your pain. I mean if you truly believe it, then it will help you. If you look at the commercial it will even tell you. That this product doesn't do anything for you. CBD oil is from the Cannabis sativa plant And they claimed CBD oil from the Cannabis sativa plant Is a lie And Does nothing for you, But this hempvana cream made from the same Cannabis sativa plant Does work and you should buy it… The only difference is that one is the cream and the other is an oil. Quit spending your money on bullshit. Look past these lies. If you want to cure your depression or anxiety. Or Your back pain. Smoke some weed. CBD only works with the THC. And don't Vape that shitt. That will fucking kill you dumbass.

  7. Why can't they include the "active ingredient" or are they expecting the hemp seed oil to do the trick. Just the "hemp" used in the name….really? Suggesting CBD perhaps? I use the strongest REAL thing there is and it take awhile to kick in. Oh, my. So it's a cooling moisturizer – with aspirin? Well, keep walking by fans so you can feel like it's doing something.
    Placebo. Expensive placebo more than likely.

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