Hepatitis C and Medical Marijuana: How Cannabis Helps People with Hepatitis C

Patients who use medical marijuana are better able to tolerate and stay on adequate doses of necessary hepatitis C medications. Medical marijuana decreases …

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  1. Helped me so much and that I suggest it kept my liver in fair condition, although I had fibrosis, then when I got trouble with the blue meanies in the UK, who said I couldn't grow my own preventative medicine, and that for trying I would be locked away, for a period of time, which I couldn't medicate there, so I ended up with Cirrhosis and had to have a liver transplant at Kings College Hosp London, and as you say it did help with the various treatments, yet I still feel in a speculative way, that if I hadn't been forced to stop then I wouldn't have had to have the transplant. Thank you for the video, hope more listen to you.
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