Here are the pros and cons of weed legalization

Melissa Moore, deputy director of New York State Policy Office, and Luke Niforatos, chief of staff and senior policy advisor at SAM, debate whether pot should be …


  1. young healthy,why smoke weed,sit on dole,retirment, home sweep oldies income,it should be the other way around,it disgusting, how oldies live,all pension taken 90nzd a fortnight, it disgusting,come on new zealand,

  2. This dude is such a square. There’s no difference between drugs and alcohol. I take it back weed is way safer. If you really care about the people let’s talk about opioids…

  3. They want to monopolise before they legalize. But all these companies will go bankrupt in the future when everyone grows their own. So don't invest too much. Unless a company actually makes a medecine. Investing in grows is a bust. Most commercial growers grow trash. Marinol is a prescription drug with THC extracted from the cannabis plant.

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  5. I'm a big proponent of legalizing weed, but I gotta say, this man speaks quite rationally. Tobacco used to be advertised as healthy too. I'm not saying that weed is unhealthy, but yeah – we should be careful and maybe some more regulations are needed.

  6. Let's be honest here… non of that tax money is going to be used to benefit minorities. It will only benefit white people. Also, just because something is less harmful doesn't mean it has to be legalized. Do I believe alcohol and tobacco should be legal? No. Would I still use alcohol or tobacco? Yes. Weed has not been legalized because its a natural crop that ANYONE can produce anywhere unlike alcohol and tobacco so legalizing it will not benefit the white government. Only reason I would agree on legalizing it is to reduce the black arrest rates over white arrest rates related to weed.

  7. It’s weird how the guy acknowledges the fact weed has been around for ages and doesn’t seem to have caused any harm in that time (since the 70s he says) but yet 6 years is not enough time? I think the last 50 years have given enough data just legalise it for gods sake

  8. I feel like if people want to smoke it let them, if they don’t they won’t but it’s not fair how privileged people get to do what they want and people in other states have to suffer how is that fair?

  9. My man is acting like hash just got invented. Concentrates have been around for over eleven hundred years. Just because your grandparents were smoking Reggie in the 70s doesn’t mean good weed wasn’t available.

  10. My main issue with people who are marijuana-enthusiasts is that they don't admit that weed could even be potentially harmful.

    And here's the thing, I'm FOR legalization, but weed advocates don't help by 1. often being stoners themselves most of the time, thereby giving themselves a bad reputation and 2. being completely optimistic about marijuana use instead of having a more open-minded, moderate view like I'm trying to have.

    I've used CBD often, but I know that too much of it can give you bad anxiety (like it did for me) and heck, one day I was even high off of it at work. It was a horrible high, too. But yeah, I'm a believer that if it's abused, it could certainly have bad effects on your brain.

    We should use weed for health reasons, not to be getting stoned.

  11. That guy is a literal joke you can tell he is butt hurt because it’s legal in his state..what’s funny is alcohol is 10xs worse than marijuana yet alcohol is consumed by tons of kids under the age..this guy is spewing bogus facts to make marijuana seem worse than what it really is. This guy just needs to stop talking, quit his job, and go work at a McDonald’s because he is wasting our time

  12. I live in Colorado each county can choose weather or not they want to allow recreational marijuana.

    All that I have been to are locally owned so I don’t know what this guy is talking about big Pharma. They are small business is just like any other business that is not a corporation. It’s not their fault they’re selling something that everybody wants. Guys it’s not just minorities everybody goes to the shops OK doesn’t matter where they’re located if you want weed and you have to drive you’re going to drive and you’re going to get it.
    I don’t know what world this guy is living in but he’s wrong.

  13. Whatever. Pharmacological Determinism. People have been conditioned to believe that cannabis will do this or that. It’s an outdated form of thinking.

    If cannabis is a major source of revenue for Mexican cartels doesn’t it make sense to legalize it so a black market won’t exist on the scale it does?

    Yeah, we have moonshine, which can be dangerous, but instead we have the liquor store which is stocked with product we can trust and consume in confidence

  14. Yes we need to be careful and pay attention to the new research that comes out but the fact of the matter is adults should be able to choose what they put into their body! Especially when it's less harmful than other legal substances

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