HID vs LED Grow Lights Comparison – Which Is Best For Growing Weed?

In this video, Chris, Or and Sam talk about one of the most important subjects when it comes to growing weed indoors: grow lights. HID or LED? What are the …


  1. From experience 1000k hps and mh produce way more yield. You can save 40% on energy costs but you'll get an ounce n a half instead of 5 plus… Show me the 90k plus lumen led light….

  2. Thanks for the video. Id love LED BUT! nobody brings up this little fact …. 600 W MH/HPS with air cooled reflector digital dimmable ballast 176.00 on Amazon …Spider Farmer SF 4000 579.00 both are comparable lights for a 4×4 tent !So Yes LED is now better ….but your going to pay for it. Just wanted to remind low budget growers that you dont need $1000.00 to start a decent grow! MH/HPS switchable ballast will grow you some frosty buds for less startup! Just educate yourself on the heat issues and how to get around them! you can have 4×4 tent with fans and exhaust running a 600W mh/hps and order some seeds and food for less money then a single quality LED light! So Im saving for a quality LED light but until then, 600W HPS will get lots of buds until then!

  3. 45% light loss from a reflector? Where did they get their information? These guys obviously work for an LED company. Their bias is evident. LED's have come a long way, but still not as good as MH/HPS combos.

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