High Quality Cannabis Stocks in 2021: Aphria (APHA), Sundial Growers (SNDL) & Skye Bioscience (SKYE)

apha #sndl #skye In this video I share with you my deep dive analysis on value add #hiddenGEMstocks #Winning & #totheMOON stocks Aphria (APHA), Sundial …


  1. Good Morning Danny Happy Tuesday, Thank You so much for all your hard work. I agree Skye is one of those stocks that can change your life for ever if your luckily enough to own it. Like you said Danny it is not a question of if, . right now it is just matter of time. Thomas A. Gaughan

  2. Gr8 job. Always gain a bit more confidence in adding more shares of the gr8 eye in the SKYE. Rarely go wrong when hopping on the coattails of a Stanford researcher. Hv a few more 00's of skye. Over a few months average under .12 a sh.

  3. Canadian cannabis stocks are JUNK

    US MSO's are the industry leaders
    Curaleaf just reported 238 million USD for Q4
    Green Thumb Industries
    Cresco labs
    Are winners!

    Only good Canadian stocks are
    High Tide
    Fire and Flower

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