How And When To Harvest Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants (Candyland Pt 4)

It’s time to harvest! This is what you’ve spent weeks leading up to – a giant outdoor marijuana harvest in this final installment. Jacob & Tyler Estes from Ken Estes’ …


  1. I live on an island in the western pacific. I just threw some seeds in
    some pots and let them be. They're about 4 months old and only about 2
    feet tall. They started budding about a months go. I'd say each plant
    has about an ounce of buds on them. I don't have a clue about growing,
    I'm really just watering them when the dirt is dry. also a few of them
    are getting the tips of the leaves drying and curling up. any ideas or
    help would be appreciated. Not a serious grower, just be cool if I could
    harvest even once.

  2. Hello smoking pple๐Ÿ‘Great video. silly question here…it is July 20. Outdoor plants overgrowing greenhouse. 12/12 naturally occurs on sept. 23ish. As well as night frost. Are this bushes is waist? Thanks.

  3. hello with anybody know if you went and put a tea bag in the garden for your marijuana plant what if from it this is what I've done so far and I've heard that does a lot of a helping to keep ants and bugs away what you all think

  4. So at 50 percent humidity level and 70ยฐ how long do u dry for before you "cure". Also what do you use to cure? (Jars? Turkey Bags? Something i havent heard of?)
    Then would like to know your humidity levels while curing and method. Burping ect.

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