How and Where to Top a Cannabis Plant

Learn how to train a cannabis plant for bigger buds and more yield with this simple topping technique. Instagram: Website: …


  1. These stems of his plant "perfectly aliens" with eachother, on both sides of the motherstem…question… the stems on my plant are kinda oppositie, double branches , not like this video, could it have to do with the strain of plant, mine is amnesia…. In that case ,where do I cut…๐Ÿ™…

  2. I never top that way, for me it stunts the plant too much as a shock, therefore: slows down growth rate. Here's what I do.
    At the very top of the new growth I spread open the very small leaves, and take tweezers to pinch the very inner top! Newest growth! Not the whole top above the new nodes!!:) you might find that not only the two nodes grow, there are possibly 2 more that form from this type of topping. Creating 4 instead of 2.

  3. Ive done this a few times great for maximum yield also taking advantage of 24hrs of light and stretching the Veg period until a thick stalk is attained is a great idea, I have had tons of success with while going through veg.

  4. this is wrong as fuck…you cut off wat too much and let the plant grow a stem….jesus this is a bad example…you cut off the top schute, if you wanted to top before that yo should have not cut the stem.the fuck

  5. hi would you be able to suggest what i should do or how i should at dirt to my plant . . when i 1st got it i put in a big pot plant with a lil soil opnly an now its growing big .how should i add the soil ?

  6. Why did you wait until you got a 4th node to top? Isnt that a waste of time and a waste of growth? Why not top the 3rd node when it looks like what your 4th node looks like, just the round rosebud looking tip?

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