How Cannabis Oil Can Treat Anxiety in Dogs

CBD has become very popular to treat anything from anxiety, to pain, to seizures in humans. Now the substance has been formulated for human’s best friend, …


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  2. My dog is very anxious. I have a 12 yr old mini dachshund whose separation anxiety/frustration barking I've been battling for a few months. I'm moving to an apartment (currently in a duplex) in a few months and I'm terrified that I'll get noise complaints. I've been talking to the vet and we might try a different medication to see if it'll help. If anyone has more suggestions I'd love to hear them.

  3. CBD works wonders for pets – my feral cat was so scared of people in general and now she is a total calm love bug after a few months of cbd use. We don’t even need it anymore cause she learned she is safe

  4. My puppy is always nervous. I placed some CBD drops in some peanut butter, and it totally transformed my baby from being a nervous wreck to where he was able to have a fully grown man stand beside him without having his ears lay back from fright.
    After doing that for a while, he got to the point in which he was able to be nerve free without CBD. He can still get triggered, but the CBD helped him realize that certain things don’t require nervousness. Such as my boyfriend walking beside him.

    So basically, CBD toned down his nervousness enough to allow him to trust someone more quickly.

  5. Just gave my new rescue dog cbd and cbn oil and he is a new dog. He would wake up every hour to go outside at night but now he sleeps through the night and will only want out when he has to go! Please everyone try this firest for separation anxiety and just anxiety in general!!

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  9. stop giving dogs your problems, they don’t have anxiety. i work with dogs all day everyday and it’s always idiots with money to spend who fall for this crap – i work with over 200 dogs everyday and only 3 have “anxiety” like cmon. we give them “anxiety” treats and some even have cbd oil sprayed into their mouths and all it does is make them lethargic.

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