How Do I Respond As A Christian When My Friends Want to Smoke Marijuana?

What should I do if my friends or family members try to encourage me to smoke marijuana? How can I best respond to this pressure as a Christian? In this clip …


  1. If you have to ask whether something is wrong or not, it's probably wrong. If you have to think what would Jesus do, and you can't see Him doing it, it's probably wrong. We can justify anything though, can't we. What fallen wretched beings we truly are. Instead of using our fallen minds and our fallen wills and our fallen nature to decide what's right or wrong, we should just concentrate on reading our Bibles and building our relationship with Jesus instead. Remember people, this earth is fallen and everything in it now was not in it before the curse, and if getting high or buzzed or whatever makes it easier to do what's right then brother you got real problems.

  2. The hardest substance to quit to this day is sugar followed by nicotine. Weed will continue to be associated with its abusers, people that believe state run propaganda, and the black market. I would caution any Christian making that part of your identity.

    I came to Christ through the drug culture and addiction is a problem of the Heart. What does more harm is Christians talking about a substance they aren’t familiar with and think themselves as spiritual experts.

  3. This is a tough one for me. Most people I know are ok with marijuana in some form but I can’t and some family members and friends get very mad at me. I never say anything to them about it. Just don’t want to be around it or allow it in my home. This was when it was illegal. I just don’t like it and feel there are other medicinal things to help with anxiety and other illnesses. I feel training your brain to only be ok when you take marijuana isn’t helping. It makes it an addiction so when people say it’s not addictive it very well can be. I try to be cool about it or ok with it but I’m just not. However, no one should be locked up for it. People in prison should be let out for non violent marijuana charges.

  4. I agree on most of these thoughts. If something is illegal it is clearcut or is it. If back when COVID-19 was banning gathering some churches declared it was against the will of God and broke the law. Being sober is biblical. As is our bodies being the living temple. What example are fat church leaders throwing church gatherings with fat food ? They are preaching we are God temple don't drink alcohol but eat your heart out.
    A fat pastor will never preach this subject.
    What are your thoughts please. I have always struggled with my weight and am trying to give good representation to God but hypothetically all my church elders are obese like me. What would people coming into the church think if they were taught scripture on obesity?
    Thanks for a great broadcast guys. Adelaide South Australia is watching, praying and listening.

  5. This is so good. It always felt good (although not initially), but when forced into not being able to do my sin freely by being unwelcomed with my sin, I later felt grateful for being shown a better way and also never would have had a godly example to mimic had that not happened. In our conscience we know when we are disobeying God’s word when we are intoxicated in some way. Eventually, I desires sobriety over false empty pleasures. God changed my desires and until he did he surrounded me with obedient Christians praise God!!!

  6. You can dose most medications and you can drink a glass of wine and not get drunk. With marijuana you are high. There is no middle ground. As far a medicinal use, as a nurse practitioner I can tell you there are better medications to manage pain and nausea than marijuana. There are well documented research to show marijuana use causes more harm than good.

  7. It is a very difficult subject to tackle. I like the view that if it is a stumbling block in your faith, pray for wisdom when considering being seriously involved with someone who doesn't share that view.

  8. Wow…. 😳 I guess the next thing "Christians" will be asking is how much meth can I take before it's wrong? Lord, come quickly. It's so sad that churches don't preach righteous living, sin is evil (to be hated) and there should be a difference between God's children and the world.
    Wisdom is the principle thing. With all thy getting, get wisdom.
    If you're a recovering alcoholic and alcohol comes out?!? You go home. Period. It's like sex. Men must not put themselves in that position. You leave before it gets warm. Being led of the Spirit…. I guess the church tore Gal 6 and many chapters out of the Bible. So sad. It's no wonder every book in the New Testament contains teaching about false teaching and apostasy.

  9. The smell of marijuana (even tobacco to some extent) is strong and i'ts impossible for others nearby not to passively smoke it. So it is kind of a selfish and thoughtless thing to just do it. Also, they must know that most Christians would never touch these things. Having said that, I used to be shocked when I was young at what Christians watched or listened to – they'd casually watch things with lots of bad language, for example.

  10. yes, God DID give us every seed bearing plant…
    then check out Exodus 30:23 Take H3947 thou also unto thee principal H7218 spices H1314, of pure H1865 myrrh H4753 five H2568 hundred H3967 shekels, and of sweet H1314 cinnamon H7076 half H4276 so much H4276, even two hundred H3967 and fifty H2572 shekels, and of sweet H1314 calamus H7070 two hundred H3967 and fifty H2572 shekels,

    sweet calamus in the hebrew is 👉 kanah bosem (H1314) (H7070).. aka, cannabis.. for those wanting more information, there's some excellent research available on this subject..

  11. Christians need to have a thicker skin. People asking about weed.. smh. Meanwhile people mourning over lost loved ones, christians being persecuted, people getting killed by cartels, politicians getting away with lying and slowly taking away your rights without accountability etc. etc.
    Grow up people!

  12. Paul was willing to give up meat offered to idols on the grounds of not being offensive to other believers or to be seen as a bad testimony to the lost. Giving up what he would enjoy to advance the cause of Christ.

  13. Thanks guys for taking on this issue. Related, if you can answer this one: my nephew works for a Marijuana grower who is a pretty large distributor. He was raised in a Christian home. I like to think he has a relationship with Jesus Christ. What is his responsibility?

  14. They’ve found thc and other chemical compounds in the thuribles from the early days of Christianity, and there’s also speculation based off some archeo-botanical evidence that possibly the wines were spiked with certain psychedelics, I find it terribly hateful that this girl in the video at the beginning knows these people are good people and then JUDGES them because they smoke some weed? Some sects of Christianity believe it brings you closer to God (i.e. Rastafarianism) which if you’ve ever been on any sort of trip then you know it definitely brings you closer to something more metaphysically divine than the material world we constantly live in (heck, atheists, who go on psychedelic trips even claim they “felt God’s love”) the Greek philosophers too shared this same commonality with Jesus when it comes to some sort of mystical wine that you consume and go on an ego death and are reborn into immortality with God. I think the devil planted the idea that drugs are the devil to keep people from God, personally. If you disagree then I hope you don’t drink soda (caffeine is a drug,) I hope your water is purely filtered constantly so you can be sure it’s lack of any drugs, I hope you don’t take any drugs for anything ever. Now obviously I don’t actually hope that, that’s stupid objectively speaking, if you read out of the Bible that you need to not live life and be some super constrained creature until you die then you aren’t living like Jesus which is what Christianity is, I truly believe that when you get to those gates the judgement will be a lot more about did you learn to love more than did you make sure you didn’t experience too many facets of this reality I laid before you? Otherwise that wouldn’t be God, that’d be Satan

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