How does marijuana affect your brain?

Marijuana is getting more and more popular every year. Public sentiment is shifting and states across the U.S. have begun legalizing pot for medical and …


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  2. As a long time smoker; I’d say I never experienced any health problems and I’m sure weed does have some benefits. However, I had to quit because I’m in the small percent of people who become addicted and weed addiction is bad just like any other addiction. It killed my motivation and drive to be better in life. I chose weed over everything, including spending time with family and friends unless they smoked as well. I’m not the person who can just smoke it sometimes, if I have it, I want it everyday and that is NO way to live. I don’t think it’s a gateway drug for most people, I never wanted any other drug or alcohol. So for those who can become addicted, don’t buy into the whole “weed is harmless” crap because it’s not harmless to everyone

  3. I'm just on my phone and sleep a lot but as soon as I'm high. I clean like my life depends on it. I just want everything In place, clean and neat. When it wears off, I go back to the lazy bum my family know and love 😂😂 it's like magic, hard to explain.

  4. It does destroy your moral by accelerating your conclusions and leave S you prejudice and prejudiced
    It’s only there to fight your perverse mental not for socialising

  5. Saying there are alcohol-related deaths but not for cannabis, so cannabis is safer, may be a little misleading… you need to count injuries/deaths per user: since way more people consume alcohol than cannabis. Also, 2 years later after this video was posted, we now know that some people do get addicted to cannabis. Lastly, we are only now beginning to study the long-term effects of cannabis use on the brain. Studies are suggesting that use of cannabis, as well as alcohol, by adolescents may have long-lasting affects on the adolescent brain, which has not completed its maturation. Bottom line: I personally would avoid both alcohol and cannabis until my brain has finished its development (~age 25). There's plenty of evidence to show that just because a drug is legal (cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis) doesn't mean it's safe. Mostly it means that the government can collect taxes from you.

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