How Does Marijuana Affect Your Memory?

People who smoke pot have a reputation for being forgetful or absentminded. But what’s the real science behind this? Learn more at …


  1. (Hey I need someone to help me. When I smoke weed this happens to me) I see things like cartoons and drawings and bacteria in my brain, but it happens when I close my eyes and I’ll go into a trance where I trip out and I fall into another universe(not making this up) and I’ll twitch uncontrollable. I’ll see things while I’m in this dimension like I said, but I also feel pressure like I’m in a speeding car and im pressed against the car seat and my face is pulled back. My teeth also feel like jelly. The pressure also changes. It’ll rotate from speeeding car we’re it is pressing against me, and then it’ll change to where it feels like I’m flying straight up and I feel pressure from above. And not small pressure, a lot of pressure like boulders are pressing against me, like I’m in earths grsvity times 4. When I enter the dimension is when I lose focus in real life, and I’ll fall into it, and I close my eyes and go into the dimension, and the only way to come back is to open my eyes and to focus really really hard, but the second I stop focusing I go back to the dimension and I start seeing things and feeling intense pressure along with intense twitching, but this twitching is if you were tickling me, is how much I do. Can somebody tell me what is going on with me? And it’s not the weed, I’ll smoke the same with my friends and they won’t have that happen.

  2. Man I've been smoking heavily this year cuz corona, the only way it seems to effect my memory is with dates, I struggle to keep track of when the fuck any particular time is haha

  3. The first time I smoked weed I rememberd everything I also remembered having a some kind of blackout in my eyes and falling on the ground thnx god i put my hands on the ground and saved my face but I think it happened cuz I didn't eat nth that day right?

  4. Pot makes you stagnant. Content with not doing much. Literally smokes up your path to your purpose. Its so socially acceptable in young people now & legal so just another habit to build up to addiction.

  5. So essentially when marijuana enters the bloodstream THC travels threw the bloodstream attaching itself to cannabinoid receptors inside of the brain located in the hippo campus. The cannabinoid receptors role in your consciousness is to focus on incidental learning. An example of this in action is someone feeling uncomfortable resting on a green table because the last time he rested next to a green table he was first cat called by some local coyotes that hang near the park that come out only when the street lights come on to hunt for the local mice gang that chew metal scraps to build tools. dead 7th planet from the sun. THIS IS REAL. im bored now uwu bywe itachi channnnn

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