(Intended for the 18 & over) I grew “topshelf” weed from seed to harvest. I show everything I did from the very start to finish. All details covered. Call it a simple …


  1. Thanks to everyone commenting during the last month giving your support. That also goes for the thousands of comments demanding for more.. I know it all stems from love. Truth be told …As the days passed, I felt the pressure build. Publishing seems to always be a day of relief. I fucking love making videos but the pressure to spit out more than you can chew is real. This video is the last 21 days of my life … Lol .. might be a sad statement. 21 days of editing and 8 hours to upload to youtube… I apologise to anyone who wanted more and thanks to everyone who showed your support. It really helps.

    Episode 3 the Harvest of my closet is next.

  2. Another sick video馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎. It'd be interesting to see you do a hydroponic grow sometime if u fancy it馃尩馃尩馃尩馃尣馃尣馃尣

  3. Thank you so much for the video it help a lot I'm growing my first plant I hope I'm doing good. The only concern I have is that my big leaves are turning brown what should I do? According to the time frame you talk about in the video my plants are around the 6 week of flowering? Any advice on what to do with those brown leaves?

  4. The amount of links.. man you have done alot for this channel. Your one of the channels that not only helps, but takes your hand and makes sure you do it correctly. It's you, nvclosetmedgrower and caligreen that have made it easy to drill this stuff in my head. Thanks yo.. I hope I can get close to this level.

  5. Hey Canucks i dont normally hit that subscribe button so easily unless its a pretty lady twerking but u have absolutely earned a subscribe from me. I truly aspire 2 ascertain the knowledge u have for growing so i will be watching everyone of ur videos more than once over the coming days and months, hell maybe even years. Please dont stop making long videos. Ur voice and ur style of narration has a certain serenity that i cant get enough of. (No homo). U truly inspire me. Thank you.

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