How I Harvest And Cure My Marijuana

Please like and share!! it took several takes to get this one and i still think i could have done better.. Peace.


  1. Do u do NJ Patients? Also I order a lot from a grower when they get here they are spongey stems not snappable how can I finish the cure they already come in around 26% THC and gum up my joints.

  2. How much airflow should you have blowing on the weed you're drying:  None, barely any, moderate or full blast?  How much air to make sure you don't get mold but don't also dry out too quickly?

  3. You should check out LED lights. They use 40% less power and produce way less heat. They are also tuned to give off the right spectrum of light. It just makes sense. Check out KINDLED. They are the best.

  4. I've never grown marijuana. I'm knew to the whole process but I'd definitely like to start. Are there any references to any websites or guides for beginners? Any tips or such?

  5. Fellow Oregonian! You sound familiar too… hmmm. Great video, Bud looked perfect and flavorful. really appreciated the tips!
    MAAD city in the background too. nice… fuckin nice!

  6. ok can i come live with u for a week or two. lol thanks for the help and taking time out ur day to help newer growers. Waiting for baltimore to get legal cannabis so i can be ready for it.

  7. Hey slyy, my grower is giving me some spider webbed trash medicine, who controls the safety and quality of what my grower is giving me? OMMP card carrier

  8. this is my very first plant. I grew in my back yard this summer . bought a sack and had this one and only seed in the middle of a nug. totally suprised me .

  9. when i had my rooms i could just sit and visit with my girlz 4 hours everyday and i think they liked it as much as i did.pretty sure they like the attention. nice stuff

  10. great buds, but for such a good grower, you got some shitty glass and rigs lol. looks like a high schooler bought those from a flea market, or those smoke shops who really only specialize in tobacco. lol. just busting your balls. again, great grow. how much space does it take to do 10-12 harvests a year? does that mean you have 2 -3 flower rooms?

  11. whats up bro good video man. I'm trying to start growing but need some help. i just got out of the Marines and want to grow my own medicine. Ive read up on everything and seem like a have a pretty good idea but i torn between all this hydro set up shit or just keeping soil, indoor, organic tea, nutes, etc. Any suggestions? your weed looks fire bro

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