How Marijuana Gets You High

Find out how Marijuana gets you high.


  1. Marijuana makes you over prejudice from your delusions your speed cycle of thinking goes higher of course you will learn a slightly higher focus over daily consumption but most of the times you are unlikely to catch up your optimum conclusions so your best answers is leave me alone and the likes but would Ruther communicate with someone consuming it with you and that is also dangerous for your own independent influence or learning to intimidating others . Someone can easily know your secret live whiles you are smoking it .
    Marijuana is suitable to delay your perversion your delay will be stamped for your normal status you will get rid of it by delaying it in 20 smoke times but it needs to be an interval of minimum 3 days in between . After you stop it you will feel the detoxication and than you are safer to quit it before it gives you the over focus and you will become a disturbing person to others most peoples has quitted it looking at there changing and over confident behaviour .

  2. What is this propaganda bulls***? First off that cannabis "psychosis high" what it really is your brain in a comatose estate. So it can relax fro. Life's stressors and day to day stress. I use it for All my medicine needs. At 42 I use to do my canna-fittnes training. The relief it brings my body and mind. Yes long term use will have effects of less gray matter within the brain. the flip side or Yang side to it your body will adapt and increase more white matter to make up for lack of grey matter. So you better brain connection. but you can also work on building grey matter by playing video games Sudoku puzzles brain games eye and hand coordination games. Cannabis does not make you stupid you make yourself stupid or the pharmaceutical drugs will make you stupid or dead. Do you want real information follow me @devinefarms710 #CBology

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