How Marijuana Is Good And Bad For You

Marijuana is the common term for cannabis that is derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plan has hundreds of chemicals in it called cannabinoids.


  1. I have a love-hate relationship with this plant. It has been beneficial to me (I truly believe "microdosing" helped me treat my depression/dysthymia) but if I take in enough to get "high", it's usually a bad time.

  2. I smoke every day and I have for 18 years now. I have developed generalized anxiety disorder and self induced panick disorder and major depressive disorder. If I dont smoke every 3 hours I become extremely hostile and angry and full of rage. And when I smoke myself out I feel weak and scared and nervous. Like all my emotions become dulled down so much that nothing effects me. I feel like an addict.

  3. Cannabis caused a change in my brain, I would have panic attacks from smoking it and brushed it off several times and was fine the next day usually. Then I started having panic attacks even when not using it and haven’t used it for 2 years and still now have panic disorder after never having any anxiety in my life.

  4. The hydroponic dope is rubbish with its added chemicals, should be naturally grown in the open with good soil and sunshine plus the rain, hydroponic is just a convenience and avoids the public eye but can really muck up a person's brain. Marijuana is a herb and should be eaten not smoked.

  5. (Hey I need someone to help me. When I smoke weed this happens to me) I see things like cartoons and drawings and bacteria in my brain, but it happens when I close my eyes and I’ll go into a trance where I trip out and I fall into another universe(not making this up) and I’ll twitch uncontrollable. I’ll see things while I’m in this dimension like I said, but I also feel pressure like I’m in a speeding car and im pressed against the car seat and my face is pulled back. My teeth also feel like jelly. The pressure also changes. It’ll rotate from speeeding car we’re it is pressing against me, and then it’ll change to where it feels like I’m flying straight up and I feel pressure from above. And not small pressure, a lot of pressure like boulders are pressing against me, like I’m in earths grsvity times 4. When I enter the dimension is when I lose focus in real life, and I’ll fall into it, and I close my eyes and go into the dimension, and the only way to come back is to open my eyes and to focus really really hard, but the second I stop focusing I go back to the dimension and I start seeing things and feeling intense pressure along with intense twitching, but this twitching is if you were tickling me, is how much I do. Can somebody tell me what is going on with me? And it’s not the weed, I’ll smoke the same with my friends and they won’t have that happen.

  6. I consumed an edible sweets few days ago and it felt like my brain shut down, everything seems like it was moving in slow motion, I lost consciousness for a few, I was even shaking n twitching like crazy…
    what I can remember so far was feeling like I wasn't apart of this world anymore

  7. Disagree on memory imparment due to smoking weed long term as every study says one thing and others. Contradicts itself all the time. Smoking weed doesn't get you in to college or working in a competitive field, says who? Plenty of people who smoke weed do both all the time. There are a minority of people who smoke weed and don't achieve this or any thing they are proud of. Weed stunts growth? So does anything else, poor diet, staying awake for long hours every day, poor sleep, minimal exercise, like walking around your house to eat drink, watch TV and play video games, watching Netflix, YouTube, as well as any streaming apps for entertainment. Not doing moderate to vigerous exercise regularly, walking slowly helps a lot, you still need to increase your heart rate when you are not injured, exhausted resting. Psychiatric drugs tend to stunt your drugs a lot taking them long term. Psychiatric drugs realy aren't meant for taking them for life. There are thousands of deaths a year from Psychiatric drug over doses every year, more than car crashes, suicides happen far higher under Psychiatric care. current symptoms of distress in your body and enhancing them for any number of life troubles you had. For the worst. SSRIS are psyco drugs. The research is needed to be investigated more as a whole. There is a suspect link in SSRIS increase in school shootings and all maniacal murders done inside social events and outside events in public. Your environment alone from the outside world can or may stunt your growth as well. Too many things. There are 0 over doses or death from weed alone. Can that said about Psychiatric drugs, not at all. Half a million deaths from Psychiatric drugs every year. Psychiatric drugs is legal cocain and meth.

  8. I use marijuana as resistance in my meditation, whichever area I want to bring equilibrium to, I delve into the emotions and rewind and release memory trapped in the muscles as I do yoga/chi Kung, and pray, this is my inner therapy

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