How NoFap and Quitting Smoking Weed Changed my Life

In this video we are looking at some of the changes I experienced from starting NoFap and stopping smoking weed. We will discuss how you can get the same …


  1. I’m glad people are incorporating weed addiction along with porn. Many of us are too embarrassed to address but so many people are succumbing to porn addiction which weed only makes even more intense.

  2. Interesting video, I'm still watching I have a question
    How long have you not smoked weed and watched porn / fapped?
    Do you never fap and never watch porn now?

    I personally have believed for a long time now that both weed and porn are bad for your confidence.
    It seems to be true to me but my friends always make me think it's just placebo effect.

  3. Really good video man. Deserves more views. Been trying to quit drugs for 5 years, more seriously the past 2-3. Went 8 months without weed, then 4, currently at 3 months again and this time I don’t have the urge or depression to going back but I have been indulging more in porn because of Covid. Need help with that. Work from home too so it’s hard for me

  4. Hello brother I want to hear your opinion on hard mode (no fap) i watched alot of nofap videos and people talking about the "benefits" from no fap, but not many specify if they abstain from porn and masturbating only or they dont ejaculate at all.In my opinion big part of those benefits are from the fact that you dont ejaculate at all and the other part is just placebo effect. If a person has sex on daily basis and ejaculates 2 times per day i think he will still feel like shit. Let me hear your thoughts ⚡.Have a great day .

  5. Imma be waiting for your next video man, I recently had a crash where i slacked for a month, now im building back momentum, love your content and the progress youve been making👍

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