How People Make It In the Legal Weed Business

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  1. Why should the state have the right to stop us from potentially stunting our own brain development? Don’t we have a right to bodily autonomy? Like, my body my choice? Abortion, no forced vaccinations, euthanasia becoming more accepted, etc. if I want to wreck my nose with cocaine, I should be allowed to, and not only be allowed to do it in the privacy of my own home, but also on the steps of the capital building. As long as I understand the risks I’m taking by taking the actions that I’m taking, where’s the issue?

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  4. do you know how frustrating it is when you live in a country that looks at weed as a drug that makes you basically a loser! its so frustrating, all of this alcahol and nicotine being sold at the expense of peoples lives its reLLY DISGUSTING to see something so pure and helpful be frowned upon. UK just legalize the ting man rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Wtf why would we want the government, state or federal, to tell you somthing that has proven to improve people's lives, and could potentially improve yours. And the black market for weed has slowed down a little but not the amount of other drugs directly proportionate to the legalization of marijuana, potheads get there pot easier, and dont need to meet up with the big dude on the corner then that dude still gotta hustle mother got two kids living with him and two hes paying for in child support hes just gonna start slinging more crack. All the weed gets legal and the heroin epidemic, (and yes it was an epidemic before the covid and before video), is effecting us more than ever. Weeds legal in Californiax still the epicenter for the majority or heroin addiction. Si suck on that mother fucker, that an red or blue bias that's fact. I love weed, but I'll never pay the government regulated business for my medicine maybe if they want to give it to me for free but I'll grow my own or get it off my fellow commoner. Big bother is no longer the same. It's old man big business, big brother is here to help you. No more outside interpretation or regulation, all these none smoking people are making the most money off cannabis. I mean come one, half the people there talking to dont smoke. They have no real reason for there involvement but for money.

  6. I have lived in Colorado and the state is so beautiful!, but fuck the people that live there. "They" are mostly hipster, trust fund bitches (men and woman). I smoke everyday and I know first hand most adults that are not boomers due as well, if there job/state promit. This is not a matter of morals but a matter of tradition or believe of a brain washed group of humans.

  7. Amazing how channel 4 keep putting this stuff up but when they had there live trials they done there utter best with john snow to make cannibis out to still be a bad drug. Channel 4 you are dick heads!!

  8. I come from a County called Papua New Guinea and its an island close to Australia. I am really needing someone who is a drug dealer to trade with my cannabis products. Please can anyone help me find a dealer? Actually, cannibis plant grows like weed in my country.

  9. 420 is now recognized as International Peter Tosh day. Peter Tosh is a Jamaican reggae artist who championed the cause of the legalization of the herbs , what most people refer to as “weed”. If you don’t know about Peter Tosh feel free to do a research on him . See link below. Peace ✌🏿

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