How Pot Could Stop Boys Short

Parents are often concerned about marijuana use interfering with schoolwork, but could it interfere with how young bodies develop, too? A new study found that …


  1. I grew an inch while smoking everyday for years after age 19 from 5 11 to 6 foot and 1/4th inch genetics decide 80 percent of height while the rest is decided by environmental factors like quality of nutrition and healthcare 4.6 inch isnt true if that where the case I was meant to be 6 5 dam I could of played nba

  2. This is complete fucking bullshit. anyone that watches this i just hope you do your proper research. another campaign against marijuana in the mid 2010's that's been going on since the early 1900's. There is no proper factual evidence behind this, many factors play in to cortisone and testosterone excess, and if whoever posted this dare challenge my post then please do with complete reputable evidence.

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