How Smoking Impacts Your Lung Health

See how smoking wreaks havoc on lung health by comparing the lungs of a healthy nonsmoker versus those of a smoker. This video shows the damage …


  1. so make it illegal to be sold everywhere if its really a killer. fight the companies who distribute cigarettes, the source, not the ignorant people who know little about how their lung will look like after 20 years of smoking? or you us want us to spend money in cigarette and then in healthcare?? If there are stores who sell covid 19 pack, are you going to let them do this dirty job and advise people to not buy them? or are you going to criminalize the seller and stop his job to save lives?

  2. What people do not UNDERSTAND here about life on earth is that we are all here to DIE. From birth on to yesterday, at any point in time you people could of died. People who think banning cigarettes is the cure all are stupid, what about those who get cancer that never smoked? People just do not understand much of anything. Each day is not GUARANTEED and just because you quit smoking doesn't mean that your going to suddenly live FOREVER.


  3. Truth is, in 1998 when not just america, but england/britain, canada, australia, new zealand just…just introduced (tobacco industry) regulations/restrictions and thankfully continuing, most people even throughout most of the 1980s and most of the 1990s did NOT know.

    In 20 years, so for the first of the 2000s reversing YEARS of (tobacco) smoking damage and (tobacco industry) advertising/marketing.

    Now, alcohol (spirits mostly and some/half wines) and eventually marijuana smoking will be RIGHTFULLY condemned. Good old baccy, booze and bud or cigarettes/cigars, spirits and joints/blunts, respectively.

    Some people live in lala land, I guess I give people a pass if born before the mid-1970s, maybe up to the mid-1980s (transitional point), got to balance health with liberty, can't be a moraliser and I thank the people at the lung association for sayin' "smoke up and smoke out, vape in vape on" or "you smoke, you croak"

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