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Subscribe to Inverse! If you’re a long-term weed smoker, prepare to get your mellow harshed. Studies have shown that chronic marijuana …


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  2. It's true . If you ever smoked the real amount . Everyday . I know some of you real stoners . Facing this . It does interact with GABA interceptor and does make you feel less motivated or feels less happy than you normally was back in the days .
    People who smoked kids amount . Don't even reply on this . You can go smoke some more .
    Back to the topic . If you love the experience of being high and using it for medical reasons for long time . Just keep in mind .. don't OD on it just because you can take it . It may be the best high . Your brain will suffer faster

  3. US Health Dpt has had a patent on cannabinoids as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant since 2001. Israeli Defence Force uses cannabis to treat head injuries because it is a neuroprotectant and anti inflammatory. Since smoking cannabis I have managed to kick alcohol, caffeine, pain killers, anti inflammatories and tobacco, and also tidy up my long term psychological annoyances enough to like myself. Until someone points a judgemental finger and says "Pot smoker!"

  4. I used to work with somebody that smoke marijuana. ,May I say one of the nicest guy you want to meet
    But unfortunately he had very little motivation and just didn't have the drive to complete his job.i hear from people that it won't harm your health, on the contrary,
    You sit. around and get the munchies as well as limiting
    Physical activity , there four speeds up the aging process. ll
    You all have a great evening.

  5. The problem with humans is that we are ignorant, and rather not listen, but yet again it's their body not mine so keep on damaging your body and become more restarted, cheers mate

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