How to Cannabonsai (root reveal, wire work, defoliation, re-potting)

Hello, I grow bonsai inspired cannabis plants, I grow auto-flowering cannabis plants because it makes it easier. This is my second guide video, hope you enjoy it …


  1. There are also ways to adjust light and food to prevent flowering until ready. This will keep them alive longer to futz with. I recommend watching a grower from spain named George Cervintes. Not sure if I spelled his name correct. He was the editor of high times magazine. His information is wonderful.

  2. M39 hairloome strain naturally spirals. Might be a better strain for this experiment. (Not potent!, Has to be crossbred for effect) usually crossbred with matnuska thunder. Looks like a double helix when it blooms. But only after cross breading. Romulan would also make a beautiful bonsai. Romulan however might be difficult due to it's growth speed.

  3. You make the videos i wanted to see for years! I always wondered if it was possible to bonsai cannabis plants:) great work buddy! Could you do a "hanging" cannabis bonsai? I dont know the proper japanese term, i mean these bonsai's that hang over and below the pot.

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  5. Yeah when you wire it you need to use a thinner gauge wire just double it up and it works fine just dont leave it to long cuz it will dig in to the stem and leave scarring they look good the string idea works great al have to try that with me trees

  6. Truly amazed by this artwork! Do u use artificial lights and how do u prevent the plants from stretching too much? Maybe u can do a video about this, I would love to know!

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