How to Get Thicker Hair with Hemp Seed Oil |Type 4 Fine Natural Hair | Simply Subrena

HI LOVES! I wanted to share some ways i will be using hemp seed oil in my natural hair journey to help thicken up my fine natural hair and prevent as much hair …


  1. I love oils, but hemp seeds in general is so good for you, please just get the seeds and consume 3 tbsp a day. its good in smoothies oatmeal pancakes chicken … you can make milk with it, I personally just blend it into my coffee with collagen powder

  2. I got some yesterday to treat my scalp as I’m struggling with eczema on the back of my head and in my ears ! I’ve only just starting using it and hopefully I will get thicker hair and pray that it will grow as well !!!

  3. Cool video Subrena! I´ve also found Hemp Seed Oil works for my Hair Loss and Thinning Hair (although I´m using a Hemp Seed Oil with CBD extract added to it), I have to say I´m always amazed how many people outright refuse to believe it, it really is amazing what the Hemp plant is capable of, thanks for the videos and keep it up girl, awesome hair btw!

  4. New subscriber here! Did you cut your hair? I was recently looking at your straightened hair videos so your hair here looks shorter. I’ve heard so much about castor oil thickening up hair, but the smell from some castor oils are just…🙄. The hair growth oil that you use, so you use it for hot oil treatments as well?

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