How to Grow Medical Marijuana Seed to Harvest E14 – Thrips!!!

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  1. @Medicated Bonsai ya, I checked all remaining fan leaves when I first realized the thrips were there. Then before/after the need oil application and pretty much every day since lol So far no additional sightings since that first day. I feel that because I am mainlining these girls, I've removed majority of the growth that they were likely on but I would never assume that they r gone. I put a top dressing of diatomaceous earth to address the ones that may be crawling in the dirt or that have fallen from the plant into the dirt. Unfortunately in Canada, spinosad is not available so I can't soak the roots with that but thrips lay their eggs in the leaves so any new wave will likely come from there although I realize that treating the dirt would def be beneficial. Also, although I gave a generous dose of neem, I diluted it best I could also using a surfactant to help mix it with the water. I accepted that there will be some leaf burning (and there are def brown/dark burn marks on the large fans remaining) but I can live with that cause we r still in veg and I won't flip till I'm absolutely sure I have this under control. Pls keep any advice u have coming! I appreciate all the help/advice I can get ๐Ÿ‘Š

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