How to grow your own weed at home

UPDATE : Follow my instagram @moodyshawty Im back and im better! This is a beginners guide on …


  1. I thought your first grow was bomb! How did it smoke? On my 2nd grow and I don't have a lot of room…it's in a 2 X 2. I'm actually trying to grow stunted plants like you did by mistake in your first grow to save room. 5 plants…what do you think?

  2. Lol that poor little cat was like shit the spray i'm good i'm good i'm good plaz no ! .

    Do not take note from them people its training and putting that training to use not being told this that the other ! advice is fine ! but not told the way you tell it ( meaning them people ! )lol .

    But you do not need to use the paper soaking i have had more better results just putting it into soil and use a heat mat and cone/dome even just a bit of plastic sheeting over it ! .
    This help more so then you think with transplanting its already to go not like the paper saves putting salts and so on on you roots and already kind to soil nuts ! .

    all you need is
    Light led / hps ! £$50 to £$250 plus give or take on what you get ! . led nicer growth hps bigger growth i think ! and gives of a bit more heat ! .
    Plastic cups ! £$1,50 to £$5 ! .
    Potting soil / seeding soil £$2,50 to £$13 ! .
    Heat mat £$10 to £$20
    Clear polythene sheet roll £$1,50 to £$5 ! .
    Transplant pots and saucers 3 to 7.5 even bigger if you wanted to but lol £$13 to £$34 ! .
    Fan desk or clip on fan £$15 to £$20 ! .
    If you do not want a tent if you got a nice sized cupboard you just need some silver foil and type ! .

    Water you can use any water nearly

  3. Thanks for the tips, ur pretty funny with the instructions and with the bashers hahaha. Hey question, does it matter how big the pot you put then on, or would half a size pot from the pot you used be okay?

  4. seeds
    paper towel
    big baggie
    24x24x55 grow tent
    promix mycorrhizae high porosity HP
    gaia green power bloom 2-8-4
    gaia green 4-4-4 all purose
    grotek blufuse beneficial buetnin
    2 gallon pot

  5. A week and a half germinating in the bag?! Damn my seeds always show tap root after like 2 days in a plastic bag in my closet 😦 thanks for the video though, always super helpful for a beginner grower like me 👍

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