18+ HOW TO HARVEST MARIJUANA. Top Shelf Grower demonstrates how to harvest marijuana. Showing you exactly how to dry and store your freshly …


  1. Oh wow idk if you gone replying my comment because this was 4 years ago😂 but I have lil question? Is ok when I put news paper under it? And yeh does it need hair?

  2. Few years ago I did this because I didn’t have any place to to put so I put it in my shoe box and everyday I would roll up it was getting better by time I say when I grow again I’m going to put it in the box for curing because it need to be in the complete darkness good job

  3. Hello and thanks for this awesome video. I'm a first time grower and just harvested my first plant and I'm letting her dry in different shoe boxes. Any tips to prevent mould. I'm really scared as it's my first harvest

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