How To Improve Your Mental Health? ft. @Luke Coutinho | TheRanveerShow Clips

Luke Coutinho shares the ultimate and easy solution to improve and get over your mental health problems. He further discusses problems like depression, …


  1. A psychiatrists doesn't prescribe medicines because the patience labels himself depressed. He follows a protocol. He has assessments to be done. He follows ICD / DSM classification. I love Luke and his philosophy. But he was incorrect regarding this point.

  2. All this is good but we NEED to acknowledge that no Psychotherapist/ Psychiatrist/ Psychologist is going to treat someone for Depression just because the person says so. There are proper assessments performed to diagnose a mental illness. They train for 7+ years to be in that position. Please stop saying such ignorant things and negating their training!

  3. I really liked what Luke said here. From a psychological perspective it makes a whole lot of sense; yet it isn’t true that psychologists and psychiatrists will treat you by a self label. They will assess you based on certain assessments they have to reach a diagnosis; so it’s important to seek help from them if required.

  4. You are one of the greatest human being because I can feel the vibe❤️
    Your videos are very helpful and inspiring ❤️

    Keep making and Keep going ranveer❤️best wishes! 🙂

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