How to Make Animal Pinch Pots with Clay

Heyo! Welcome to my tutorial on pinch pots! In this clay tutorial I will walk you through each step of the creative process to make an animal pinch pot. We will …


  1. Heeey, I found your channel from when I was looking for ink videos and It's sooo good. This one is almost 30 minutes long and I don't pretend to do pinch pots, but it was very fun and informative to watch! Thank you

  2. I took a zoom class from a local ceramic artist. It was good exposure but I didn’t learn techniques. So I watch you tube videos, the best were always ceramics High School teachers. I wanted to learn more so I am taking sculpture class from an artist at a local Pottery Cooperative. BUT I learned more from watching this one video, than ever before ! Thank you you are a great teacher and I look toward you next video!

  3. Thank you for this video! I was tempted to try out some pinch pots and this video came just in time! 💕 you’re always making amazing content. I am glad I can be your YouTube student.

  4. Hi! Just wanted to say, I watch a lot of pottery how to videos online and yours are not only really informative but I also love the things you make. The designs are always quirky and original!

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