How to make Cannabis Coconut Oil. Including dosing!!!

Homemade Cannabis Coconut oil!! Based on Top-Shelf average w/ ~20% THCA. 1 Gram of dried ground cannabis flower converts to 1000mg and 200mg(20%) …


  1. This recipe mixed with others is how I whipped up my batch. I will say “potent” is an innocuous word.

    You’re going to want to stir that last batch before you scoop into a container and you’ll be tempted to lick the spoon. DONT DO IT. Unless you have nothing big going on for the next 2+ days/nights I recommend skipping that. “Giraffe nuts high” doesn’t even touch walking sideways and barely able to get my kid off to school.

  2. Bruh. 1 cup of oil to 1 cup of herb? 😦 That’ll knock you on your ass. I do a little over an 1/8th of herb to 1.75 cups of oil for a chill, elevated body high. I can’t imagine what a substantial amount of green would do.

  3. quick question…when you bake a dried herb versus using fresh herb finely milled..why not skip the baking process since it is already dried and dosing has already decreased. Second quick question is why wouldn't we use fresh bud rather than dried?

  4. This is a legit question my friend doesn’t keep it in the fridge but in a cleaned out CBD droplet bottle. It looks cool but I’m wondering can you do that or does it have to stay in the fridge?

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