Whats up everyone welcome back to Chef Junie Tv on todays episode of IN THE KITCHEN we made CANNABIS OLIVE OIL and CANNABIS BUTTER. SOCIAL …


  1. Doesn't thc burn at temps way lower than a 250 degree oven? So how does putting it in the oven not ruin it? I wanna make edibles so bad but idk how I'm gonna put an Ounce in the oven without feeling like I'm fucking it up. Every video I watch on the topic is someone doing a different method. Anybody have any other suggestions for how I'd go about making edibles, I'd love to hear them. This method doesn't sound as easy, and as idiot proof as how I did it in the past.

    In the past I just simmered the flower in the butter, used the butter to make cookies. Idk if that was right though.

  2. Pro tip, put the coffee filter after the strainer, coffee filter has tinier holes so the strainer holds back the big stuff first and the coffee one gets rid of the smaller bits of flower

  3. When did you put the lids on? You put them in the pot of boiling no lids but lids were on when you took them out. Will be trying this method with coconut oil.

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