How to Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil (Cooking Oil)

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  1. you guys made this way more complicated than it needs to be, put oil or butter and water in a electric pan, turn up til no mater vapor is coming up and wait 2- 3 hours tops and youre gravy

  2. made just a gram of bud into butter without decarb and got high as fuck for like the whole day, idk trying decarb today to compare but ive cooked many time without decarbing my bud and still seemed to work great, guess ill know soon cause my bud is decarbing as i type speak

  3. I’m going to use a 1/2 oz of keif In mine. I got everything on y’all’s list. Excited to see if it’ll be good or not. I’m going to do it exactly like y’all did in this video.

  4. I tried butter, then switched to MCT oil. I am also switching from weed to bubble hash, the hash melts right into the oil, no straining required, also, full transfer since you ingest all the hash. I used a magic butter machine, at 190 degrees for one hour with decarbed hash. The hash I used was 58% and turned to a clear bubbling goo if you put a little in a pipe. I decarbed at 250 for 25 mins using parchment paper inside a mason jar. Let it cool naturally, then chill it cold to separate the hash from the paper. It looked like swiss cheese from the decarb. I was using 3 oz of ground flower in 2 cups of oil, switched to 2 oz and 2 grams of the hash, and got a better product. Baking shake, even good baking shake, will only take you so far, great for sleeping though. Planning to eliminate the weed and use 8 grams of hash next batch. Currently dosing at almost 2 tbsp and getting baked all night. The MCT has no flavor. Do not refrigerate it, makes the infusion taste like shit. Also, your product affects the flavor, that $50 oz of baking shake will taste like what it is, the crap. Hope you also live in a legal state with pot stores.

  5. Not everyone has fricken cheese cloth.. Do you have cheesecloth in your home? Never seen it before. Looks like something id find in a first aid kit. Is there anything I can substitute a cheese cloth with?

  6. Stop using cheesecloth go to Ace hardware or any store go to their canning section and get their juice strainers they got rubber bands built in it if it's all right over a pan or a bowl small just another tip

  7. I put mine in an air dryer I hope it works out I put it in a mason jar!! Finishing my second batch now!! I got about a cup out of each batch I use one cup of cannabis and 14 oz of oil!!I decrab.for 30 minutes then pored in oil put back in 1hr 30 minutes!! Going to take a teaspoon after I'm done with the second batch I'll report back on it 😊😊

  8. My recipe: only works properly if you have an immersion circulator.

    Sous vide immersion circulator
    Canning jar or wet vacuum bag or ziploc freezer bag
    Metal tea strainer or cheesecloth
    Aluminum foil
    Container for water bath
    Rubber spatula

    1/4-1/2oz flower, finely ground. Can include stems, etc. but the higher quality, the more potent.
    8oz coconut oil

    1. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit
    2. Finely grind your bud
    3. Cover a rimmed plate in a single sheet of aluminum foil, shiny side up, wrapped tightly so the rim still keeps the bud in
    4. Spread the ground bud evenly around the middle of the plate
    5. Decarboxylate the bud in the 225 oven for 45-60 minutes. You can save time by decarboxylating at 315 degrees for 15-20 minutes, but this can destroy some of the more heat sensitive compounds in your bud.
    6. Prepare a sous vide water bath set between 160 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit (I use 185)
    7. (Optional) melt the coconut oil in the microwave for 10-30 seconds to make it easier to work with
    8. Once the bud is decarboxylated, gently remove the foil from the plate with the bud still on it and shape it so that the bud can pour into a container without spilling
    9. Pour the melted coconut oil and bud into your sous vide container, careful not to spill any, use a rubber spatula and your finger to get all the bud off the aluminum foil
    10. Seal the sous vide container and place it into the heated water bath
    11. Allow the bud to infuse into the coconut oil in the bath for 1-6 hours. The longer it is allowed to infuse, the stronger the end product will be, but there are diminishing returns. A 2 hour oil is considerably stronger than a 1 hour oil, but a 6 hour oil is only barely stronger than a 3 hour oil. Agitate the container every 30 minutes to mix.
    13. Prepare your storage container. Ideally you want it to be wide and shallow as opposed to narrow and deep, as thc settles at different levels over time due to gravity, so you always want a vertical sample all the way from top to bottom rather than just scooping some off the top for consistent dosage.
    14. Once the oil is fully infused, remove it from the water bath and pour into your storage container through a cheesecloth, metal tea strainer, and/or fine mesh sieve. Cheesecloths and tea strainers keep the mixture more pure than sieves as they're finer, but a cheesecloth will absorb a little bit of the mixture so metal is better for maximum yield.
    14. (alternate). if you're OK with a little bit more taste of weed and some texture for your purposes, you can skip straining the oil and instead blend it on high. This may be a little bit stronger than the strained oil, but it's less versatile.
    15. Refrigerate your oil or use immediately.

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