How to Make Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil – Dolled Up Desserts

Cooking with cannabis oil is a really accessible way to enjoy cannabis and the benefits of injestion. The key of making cannabis infused cooking oil is …


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  2. Great recipe. A few other options I thought I would share. People often bake their canna-oil directly into what they're making, i.e. brownies /cookies. But if you use the oil to make ganache or frosting instead then you can still have regular brownies for others and dose just for that serving you're eating. Also, a really straightforward tincture recipe following your technique would be: take 1/4oz (7g) of top shelf bud (15-20% THC) and infuse it into 60mL (about 2oz) of oil and you'll end up with a more potent infusion that typically lands right around 0.5mg per drop /10 drops = 5mg dose. This makes dosing even easier. Add a few drops to a single brownie and the rest are still safe for others to consume.

  3. hi thanks for the vid, is there a recommended temp for cooking the oil? I feel like with 4 hour cooking time it matters. Should the water be simmering? boiling? what is medium heat exactly?

  4. Do you think you will ever start making edibles along with all your other baking? I would love to find a great vegan, soy, gluten and possibly refined sugar free (???) bakery in Ontario selling regular and infused vegan baking.

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