How-to Make Full Extraction Cannabis Oil (FECO) using the Magical Butter

Hello, Thank You for joining us for another episode of The Wellness Soldier “Cooking with Cannabis” video series. Today we will be teaching you how-to make …


  1. The Best Thank You In The Universe!!! That goes out to You, Wellness Soldier, for putting out the most functional way to make RSO/FECO with ALL items needed, bought on Amazon!!!

  2. I make oil using 99% rubbing alcohol. I am using bud shake so I use quite a bit. around 3/4 of a pound. For that amount of weed I use a liter and a half of rub.
    Use a pail with a spout and mix it up, munch it up and let it sit for a few minutes. I have seen people using plastic bags to extract it and that seems like a pretty good method, so pour everything form the pail into a doubled up plastic bag.
    Have a container ready to catch the liquid. Snip the corner and collect all the liquid you can. Squeeze it well.
    I try to get the liquid as clean as I can without filters so I let it settle and gently pour it off into another container. Somewhat like decanting wine. Anything that floats you just pick out with a plastic spoon.
    MOST IMPORTANT. I let the rubbing alcohol evaporate naturally. It is highly flammable! And a liter and a half could do some real damage. It will take a few days but it is safe and makes good product.

  3. hello, thanks for your videos I loved, and I have a question you use alcohol ever clear Iยดm from Mexico and I have a alcohol 96 gL is for eating, but can a use my alcohol is very pour or I have to make mi alcohol less gl ? like 70 Gl ? o a just can use de ever clear alcohol for magical butter ? thanks for your atention , have a nice day. thanks thanks thanks.

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