How to Make Homemade Cannabis MCT Oil.

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  1. Whats the idea with a decarb time so short and relatively lower? Is it because the slow cooker also continues the decarb? Dont want too much cbn

  2. Literally the WORST video on cannabis and extracts I have ever seen! Almost everything that was said in this video is wrong or bad information. I laughed several times. Also, Decarboxylation is properly done at 240 F for 45-60 mins, NOT 15 or 20 mins. Jeez, if you want to remain dumb and do things wrong, go ahead and listen to these idiots. I have done it at 45 mins and it was not enough as what I'm growing is 28% THC. The higher the THC, the longer you must go, or until the buds are brown. Using a food processor wastes trichomes unless you scrape it all out and add it to your oil, and the process should take longer than a few minutes. I make cannabutter from organically grown high THC bud using organic olive oil. My cookies will mess you up.

  3. FYI the cap and quick are illegal in some specific counties in some specific States including Oregon believe it or not as ridiculous as it sounds. You might want to append your video just for cya on that. The chances of someone being caught ordering it off of Amazon are pretty much is 0 but still it's good for full disclosure.

  4. So here's a question since coconut oil contains medium chain oils can't you just somehow extract or isolate of coconut oil or let's say you live in the tropics and you got coconuts all around couldn't you grind it up into a pulp and separate and isolate just the MCT out of the coconut oil?

  5. LOL, Class, Amazing how a simple video can cheer you up, Or it might be the strawberry Ammo Rosin MCT caps i had about hour an half ago, Feeling the need too go out an about on my electric monster scooter, Just had my neocore wave bluetooth speaker delivered, Feeling the need too ready roll an enjoy the rest of the evening chilling on a mountain, lol…
    I bought a rosin press an damn it is amazing easy fast solventless oils, It is so much better using the rosin, I was on cloud 99 last night I recommend using a rosin press honestly tho by now you prob is, I got say that video is proper funny, Those little touches here an there makes all the diff, Top vid tho i got say, I see you is into the Art side of thing's, My Brother is an Amazing Graff artist, He does portraits too, He is really really good, Will send you a link too his work if you want, Will check out your other vid's when get time I am just about too bop out on my Monster scooter, Perfect weather for the ride, Like i said top vid bro……………..

  6. I agree on the sativa and indica not real theory. Some will make you happy some will make you sleepy some will give you energy ect… there is not 2 types but thousands of types instead

  7. What do we do if we don't have an oven maybe I can get a toaster oven but I don't have another right now is there another way to do that decarboxlixe. Do you think I can do it on a hot plate

  8. So you know trying to Google this s*** it's absolutely annoying no one seems to give a straight answer is there an actual benefit to using MCT versus regular coconut oil does it get something out of the cabbinoid or hemp the other one doesn't.. can I just grow I hemo plant easily and doors just for my health like something to use for juicing and making oils. There's so many damn videos on YouTube it's ridiculous

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