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  1. Jw, when your Chef says to Boil the whole bottle of olive oil he means just warm it up enough to melt the rosin into it right? Also just curious as to what the point of straining the chili peppers/lemon out of the olive oil if your just going to add it back again?

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  3. The decatboxylation temperature was never mentioned,,,
    But those presses are amazing, I'm actually surprised the rosin isn't decarboxylated from the temperature of the press,,,,

  4. Excellent videos, I have learned so much, but I do have one small issue, it's the music, it's rather annoying and way too loud, I'm having to constantly turn down the volume during the music, then turn way up when they speak,,,
    Does anyone else have this issue?

  5. fuck this youtube channel man, they say they're going tell u how to make this shit but they never list they're supplies or explain whats going on or y its happening. yall suck at teaching more than all the teachers i had throughout school.

  6. Just a question, and wondering if you would try this out. If you have a bong, instead of using water could you use olive oil or coconut oil to infuse? Generally curious because heat is needed for infusion, but is enough heat given to decarb, and how hot will the smoke be? Also how long do you think it might take to get some useful oil?

  7. I've heard that cannabis root contains only CBD. As a medical grower, I would like to know how to extract this and add to recipes. Unfortunately, I can find very little information on cannabis root. It would be a shame to waste this medicine. Please do a show on cannabis root extraction even if it does not use your NugSmasher.

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