How to Make Organic THC Vape Cartridges Easy Step by Step Guide

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  1. Is there a way to smash it without the paper..On non alumnium plates? The toxins in the paper is my issue. Also why add anything to your herb. Non Cannabis Terpenes added back to cannabis is huge in the industry. There is no transparency, you have to email, then email again.then maybe they answer in a cloudy way! The labels say:..Cannabis,terpenes. very deceiving for sure. Has to say 100% Cannabis Oil and from a reputable company like ABX and a licensed dispensary even then you still wonder? Nothing like growing your own from good seed, having a nug smasher and some bubble bags. I read one can buy gallons of any flavored/smelling terpenes for 13 bucks a gallon in the LA Farmers market!? Yikes. Ready to buy a NS this season.

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