How to make SIMPLE cannabis oil

This week’s video is all about how to make a simple and easy cannabis oil. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own, but weren’t sure where to start or what you …


  1. I think $150 is far too much for special help instead of about $75 when you consider disease doesn't discriminate between the rich & poor and poor people without medical insurance may need cannabis products for medicine but can't afford to pay $150 cash for the help because they can't concentrate on this video with so much worry & anxiety over their sick children or partners that have terminal cancers, epilepsy or Parkinson's for instance but they could really benefit from home made cannabis preparations but may need personalized help and encouragement to make cannabis preparations & drugs.

  2. Have you tried experimenting with lower infusion times? The Ardent Nova website claims studies prove 40 minutes infusion yields the same results as 2 hour infusion, so is there any purpose of infusion for 4-8 hours instead of 40 minutes? It is common I will find videos of people that own and recommend the Nova and are suggesting long infusion times despite the Nova website claiming that it didn't make any significant difference in going longer in the testing. If we are to trust Adent on the claims that their decarb is 30% more effective than alternative home methods then should we not also trust their claim that a longer infusion time doesn't make any significant difference?

    Infusion Cycle
    This entire cycle will run for close to three hours (that much time is not needed for infusion
    but some people like a longer infusion time, and there are other uses for this cycle that can
    benefit from the longer time period). This cycle peaks at 176 degrees F (or 80 degrees C).
    Important Note: Ardent’s tests have shown that whether the infusion runs for a one hour or
    a 2 hour cycle, the potency is the same. This means that infusion times can ultimately be
    left up to a consumer’s preference or the material requirements but should be a minimum of
    45 minutes and a maximum of one complete cycle.

  3. I have a question…. you are right about everyone saying a different time to decarb … I just did some at 235* for 20 minutes… not sure that was long enough. Could I pop it in the oven again tomorrow and redecarb? Thanks in advance! I didn’t put it in a jar just on pan with parchment paper!

  4. Does the Levo or the Levo II decarb? I see something like an "activate" setting and I can't seem to find a clear answer about if this is decarbing or something else. Thanks for the videos.

  5. Thank you so much for your videos. Very watcher friendly and I love the way you explain WHY you do what you do and the pros and cons of the various preparation methods.

  6. Well, the last batch was with the Magical Butter machine and it is great for 2 cups or more but the LĒVO ll is now but of my small batch arsenal and it is fantastic. Sometimes, making larger quantity of olive oil is not practical and it sits too long if you’re not routinely using it or cooking with it.

    Does the coconut oil re- solidify once it cools? And, can you add a orange or lemon extract or others to a CBD Oil to “improve” the taste?

  7. Hi 👋🏻 is this cbd oil ? If not can you make a video where you explain it? Full spectrum i would like so much to learn. would like to make strong cbd full spectrum my anxiété are critical

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