How to make THC gummies with cannabis oil distillate/TruClear | Florida Medical Marijuana

I’m a legal medical cannabis patient in Florida and this video is intended for educational purposes. • this recipe should make about 130 gummies at a little more …


  1. hey guys! a few notes/clarifications…:
    -this recipe should yield approximately 130 gummies. For this batch, it was a syringe with 862 mg THC so that comes out to a little more than 6mg THC per gummy.
    – the "microwave safe cup or bowl" is optional; all i meant is that you will need some way to heat your TruClear. don't microwave the TruClear itself, but microwave a CUP of water then place your TruClear into the hot water AFTER it's been heated. This is just one way to soften your TruClear (if you do not heat it up first, it will be too thick to add in)
    – if you're using liquid lecithin instead of powder/granules, you can put it into the mixture later. probably after adding the flavored jell-o.
    – of course there are other recipes out there and this one may seem oddly specific, but i've made a lot of batches of these now and this is the best method i've come up with

    if you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below…but if you'd like to get in touch quicker then try instagram DMs or email.
    love you guys, have a great day and thanks for watching…p.s. i'm super excited for some upcoming reviews i have planned 🙂 🙂 ok bye

  2. Is there any foam that builds up with this recipe? If so do u leave it in or take it out? Some of my gummies are white and hard in the back from the foam. I was using a slightly different recipe

  3. Silicon whisk makes a difference. Well worth the $6 at Walmart. I don’t know the chef science behind it but it definitely makes the base mixture more fluffy. Maybe it’s the flexibility of the silicon that allows more torq. Or the friction of metal whisk and metal pot that causes the base not to mix properly? I don’t know, but there is a noticeable difference for sure. I also added 2 distillates and 2 packs of the gelatin instead of one of each and it came out perfect.

  4. This video reminds me of the early days of YouTube in 2005-2006.
    So much nostalgia. I used to upload videos like this all the time with similar music and edit style.
    I love it. Great video 😁

  5. This is a great recipe. First time I used two one gram distillates and it was strong but still tasted nice. Second time I used just one gram, still good, but it had more of the jello sweet flavor. So using 2 grams or even 1.5 per batch is the way to go. I bought the molds at Walmart, and they look similar to the ones in this video, and both times I yielded exactly 45 small dinosaur shape gummies.

  6. Thank you so much for making this video. I just tried and failed to make these with flower, so i was pumped to find a distallate recipe. This was so incredibly easy to follow and the low dosage is perfect for me. Thanks so much!!

  7. Thanks. My very 1st attempt (watching video and pausing often) my gummies came out excellent. I ate about 15 the 1st night and the next morning I couldn't hardly open my eyes. I figured out through this year how to moderate a little better. Lobe my gummies and thanks for the great work. This is the only video I share with friends

  8. I made this recipe 😋 🙌 and its amazing, I used RSO oil and dusted citric acid on the back of the mold. Yum
    I devolved them and put them in a container in the fridge and they so all stuck together. Any ideas for my next attempt?

  9. I'm trying this recipe tonight but I saw another recipe that said you should add more Jello so they don't stick and they last longer. Like they won't melt fast. What do you suggest?. Also thanks for the recipe

  10. Will one of these gummies do the trick? Does it take a couple? Trying to make these over the weekend, but knowing me, I’ll eat one and worry i didn’t do enough for a while, unsure if the strength was lacking or if it’s just taking a while to hit because of eating it. Sorry if this doesnt make any sense. I’m relatively new to this. Got my card a few months ago

  11. A great way to heat the disilite is with a blow dryer. Put it on high heat. Rotate the syringe so it doesn’t get to hot in one area then pull it back before pushing it in and you get almost every drop!

  12. Are you stirring the mixture before you fill the injector thing each time? Will the distillate settle? I would think whisking before filling injector each time would ensure a more even distribution?

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