How To Make Weed Coconut Oil // Vegan Cannabutter

In this video I’m going to show how to make weed coconut oil aka vegan cannabutter. This is a super easy infusion you can use in baking and cooking edibles.


  1. Does the colour of the oil matter much? Like some of mine has come out amber/ golden others hella dark like yours, just wondering if I've cooked it for too long n lost some potency

  2. I Don't know if u will read my comment or not๐Ÿ˜ญ but I'll still comment. I Love your videos mate๐Ÿ˜i have a question.. For how long i can use it.. I mean after 2 or 3 month can i use it?.and Won't i need to keep it in a refrigerator? And thank uuu.

  3. I have legit watched over a dozen tutorials of cannabis infused coconut oil. I'm going to go with your tutorial sheerly on the fact of how fried you appear. Thanks bro

    btw that 4/20 exp date was legendary

  4. Can you please list the potency? It's such a great help. Example the % of your weed thc, example 25% or 30%. And what is the breakdown for % in something like 1tbsp. I see alot of calculators use 1tbsp as reference for when they talk about the end product and potency. It's just as important to let us all know when watching your videos the end products potency for us to safely and responsibly recreate these tutorials. Even if your not 100% sure on the exact numbers and percentages can you please take your best guess? We are all here watching you to learn from you as we clearly respect and trust your judgment ๐ŸŒป I know I truly struggle to figure out the end potency. I have very strong cannabis and I want to do my best efforts to make sure I'm diluting enough bit not too much. And unfortunately I can't purchase a proper reader for couple hundred to get the exact numbers. I'm hoping to use people like yourself sharing your percentages and numbers, and online calculators to help me. Also if I know how strong your end products are it's a great help for me to see how much is in each serving of your edibles. Please consider sharing the percentages. Cheers and that you so much!! Love your style btwโค

  5. High from Canada! Thank you so much for being you. I watch your channel every chance I get. I just like your creativity, decency, and pure fresh content. Have watched you for years, so glad your here. Thanks again, you were meant to be! Keep lit and stay genuine.

  6. If I wasn't a lazy bitch, I would send you an edited video celebration of your channel.
    If I can get out of bet and deal with my depression properly I will.
    Send you some hugs from Mexico

  7. YES, thank you for this. Now i know what to do with my friday night!! Ima make a smoothie along with some weed cookies for me and my roomates ๐Ÿคค

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