HOW TO MAKE YOGURT IN THE INSTANT POT | How to Make Homemade Fermented Foods

We are all about easy and healthy snacks in the farmhouse, yogurt and granola being a staple. Learn how to make yogurt in the Instant Pot, to enjoy this …


  1. I have the Clever Chef & am so glad you've explained using the sautee function to make yoghurt, as the recipe with my machine requires UHT milk which I don't have & was literally going to get the pan out to heat the milk 1st 🤦‍♀️ oh you life saver god bless

  2. Thanks for the video. Is that excess starter culture in that jar or was that your last batch? How do you store it? I’m presuming the fridge but alway like to check its veracity.

  3. Plain Dannon yogurt is the best starter. The yogurt company has consistently active probiotics, while some organic brands vary bu batch (makes sense). I have c sometimes failed starting with organic yogurt as a starter, although always successful with Dannon

  4. I just made a batch and all I did was push the yogurt button, let go and it was 8 minutes then timer buzzed and I checked it then added the culture. It turned out beautiful! I have been making yogurt for many years and this was so wonderful. I think that store bought milk is so pasteurized that there is no bacteria in it anymore, kind of sad really.

  5. No need to use the sauté button! Press the yogurt button twice, and it will display the word "boil". It will then automatically raise the temp of the milk to 180 degrees (and will beep to let you know when it's ready).

  6. OK my yogurt is in and the seal is out (meat yogurt blah!) lol. Let you know in 7:56 hours how it went. Glad to get some tips from your video. Making it for my mom who has cancer and would like her to eat as best as she can or at least I can help along the way.

  7. Thanks for this 🙂 Question – my IP yogurt button has a built-in boil option, is there a reason I would use saute vs boil? The goal is simply to heat it to 180 it seems. Thanks!

  8. Just got a half gallon of sourkraut together yesterday and it's fermenting away on the counter. Kids are having breakfast and I'm sitting here like, "What else can I ferment?" My son grabbed some yogurt from Aldi yesterday and I wasn't paying attention to what he got, usually we get oikos triple zero from kroger because it's only 9 grams of sugar. This stuff from aldi has 33 grams of sugar! It's non-fat which is terrible AND it's promoted as "healthy" when it's basically like eating a bowl of sugar. I hate store bought things some times… so I'm planning to get some GOOD plain yogurt today and make
     us some yogurt. How long does this yogurt last in the fridge?

  9. I’ve just started my first batch of homemade yogurt in my brand new instant pot and I am beyond excited! Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your love for fermented foods; you’ve really inspired me and have empowered me to jump on that fermented food bandwagon! 🙂

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