How to refill a vapor cartridge with cannabis oil

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  1. I've never under f**** stud in any f**** cannabis related f**** video ever I know no one is ever clicked and thought man I would love to see someone smoke a blunt hit a bong vape what the f*** ever any & everything other than what the f*** the title is about I just don't get it nobody wants to f**** see someone else get high or take a hit they click on s*** because the title so maybe everybody should start out on their s*** hey want to see me take a f**** hit to the dome but no cuz no one's going to click on that s***

  2. Great video. Had to take from a broken cart to a good cart. I will have to rewatch. What is the name of the oil? Brand? I am paying 60 for a half in MN. I might have to get this next colorado trip.

  3. That was brutal.Listening to 3 minutes of that made we want to quit weed.
    Un screw mouth piece. Use syringe filled with your product and inject it into the cartridge in glass around not in center piece of cartridge. I came here to see if that metal heat rod is removable. Guess not.

  4. Twenty fucking minutes to tell someone you unscrew the mouthpiece and squirt some more shit in the glass!…. I think he forgot a few disclaimers!:
    1. Do not attempt this while driving with a police car following you!
    2. Do not attempt this while changing a tire while driving!
    3. Do not attempt to make instructional videos while too stoned to have any sense of time and space!
    4. Do not attempt to do this while spraying paint over body damage to hide the other car's paint color.
    5. If you forgot rule 1, hide syringe anally making sure to insert pushing on the plunger. Make sure cap is removed for ease of insertion and dispersion!

  5. That vape cartridge should last someone a month! You're supposed to breath it in, not out and make fog shows. But you do what you want with your money! Don't hit more than you can hold in.

  6. OMG! I'm at 4:46 with a good hit before hitting play at 0, and watching you perform this production has me wondering if I just did some lsd. This is hysterical. Moving the camera in… I'm dyin'! Sah Mooooooooooooooooooooooove! I hope this was supposed to be a cosmic comedy! I just got to and love-love the disclaimer! If only corporations were so honest before they bought off all the people they let us vote for that decide what we're allowed to know about ALL the stuff they sell us. Carry on, Ugly! We're lookin' atcha and listenin. Didja ever walk into a small pizza joint really stoned, order a pie and sit down to enjoy the buzz, and suddenly you realize everyone in the place can see you? My brother and I were sitting there at one of the six indoor Jetson picnic tables had and we're talkin' about something and resolve it, and then the two of just space on whatever inventions our brains wanted to cruise around. Both our brains came up for air and periscoped each other. We made eye contact simultaneously wondering how long we were both "away" and if anybody noticed. We could see we were both thinking exactly the same thing and got hysterical! What we found out was that no seemed to notice until in the middle of a complete audio dead space was two guys just busting up like Robin Williams just hit a whole chain orgasm of punchlines! The pizza was really good too!

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